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Wovensack Flexo Press with printed sample

  •   Available in 4,6,8 Color
  •   Suitbale For HDPE/PP Woven Sack Fabrics
  •   Main Motor Ac With Inverter Drive
  •   Reverse Printing Arrangment
  •   Electronic Edge Guide System
  •   Motorized ink pump system
  •   Print unit Control panel
  •   Electronic Line Shaft Technology

  •    Rice Bags
  •   BOPP Bags
  •   Multicolor Special Printing
  •   Fertilizer Bags
  •   Cement Bags
  •   Flour Bgs
  •   Sugar Bags
  •    PP, LD, HM Photogenic Printing Bags
  •    Laminated or Unlaminated

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Wovensack Flexo Press